Are you planning a number of century rides throughout the year, or a big trip to the Tour in July? Would you just like to be a bit more fit? Need a break from riding bleak, wintry roads?

You probably have many reasons why an early season week of big rides on little roads would make your 2012 a better year.

Take a look at your calendar and check the week of March 24 - 30. Anything pressing? Now take a look at the Rides of March camp itinerary and see what you think. Jalama beckons. Pozo too!

Can't get away for an entire week? Take a look at the 3 day Figueroa LTD camp Mar. 30 - Apr. 1. 

Riding daily, supported, 4-5 hour rides on Santa Ynez Valley's friendly roads is more affordable than ever. Get your new year headed in the right direction.